• 2 x KM -3 Condensor mics – Overheads
  • 1 x KM -4 Dynamic mic (Kick)
  • 4 x KM -5 Dynamic mics ( Snare and toms)


The KMD-7 pack consists of two KM3’s, a KM4 and four KM5’s to provide a one stop drum microphone solution suitable for live and home studio use. The KMD-7 pack is presented in a heavy duty foam lined plastic case. The KM3 is an end address small diaphragm condenser intended for use as a drum overhead microphone however it is equally suited to many other applications such as stringed instruments and piano. Two KM3’s are supplied for stereo overhead coverage and come complete with a rubberized shockmount to ensure handling noise is minimized. The KM4 like the other dynamic models in the range utilize a neodymium magnet to provide exceptional low distortion at high output levels. Primarily designed for kick and tom applications it is also at home when used on bass, brass and amplifier cabinets. The four KM5 microphones have a spring loaded adjustable drum-rim mounting bracket that ensures perfect positioning for snare and tom applications. The intelligent rim mounting ensures that the microphone will operate effectively and safely out of the range of sticks and beaters; in addition there is a cable tidy to ensure wiring is neat, tidy and safe.


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